Hi!  My name is Karin Husty. I am a Mixed Media Artist working in Cold Wax & Oil, Acrylic, collage and textile surface design. 

I was born in Chicago, Illinois then moved as a young adult to Atlanta, Georgia, where I enjoy residing in the sunny South with my husband of 29 years.


I studied at Truett McConnell College, Georgia State University and North Georgia College & State University, where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Art with a Minor in Music.   

Mixed Media (which is anything I can put my hands on!) inspires me to combine oil paint, graphite, chalk pastels, ink and collage papers in my abstract work.


I have been a working artist and teacher for over 30 years.  


My passion has always been to learn to paint and draw using my muse and soul as my guide.


The mystery of ART drives me to achieve the gift of reaching out to people through my eyes. 


I love to create and share my passion through on-line teaching courses, which in turn inspire me!  



“Inspiration Exists but It has to find you Working” 

Pablo Picasso 

"In order

“In order to BE, I have to MAKE” 

Karin P. Husty